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Blissfield Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Put an end to the painful headaches

When you reach your late teens or early twenties, you’re often struck by regular intervals of jaw pain and headaches from erupting wisdom teeth. It isn’t pleasant, but there’s good news: you don’t have to live with it.

If you -- or your child -- are dealing with painful wisdom teeth and tiring headaches, our dental practice provides wisdom teeth extractions. This simple procedure is best performed on young adults -- under 24 years old or so -- because their bones have not yet become rigid.

Some of our patients choose to have their wisdom teeth removed before they even become a problem, and we encourage that. Why deal with the pain and headaches when they can be removed entirely?

So what can you expect from a wisdom teeth extraction? Well, we prescribe medication to help with any pain or swelling. We encourage our patients to stay home from school or work for 1-3 days after the procedure so they can rest and recover -- and we provide a note for teachers and supervisors to ensure they’re properly excused.

Put an end to the pain. If you or your child is a candidate to have their wisdom teeth removed, contact Great Lakes Family Dental Group today to learn more about wisdom teeth extractions.

Make the smart decision by putting an end to wisdom teeth pain – or preventing it before it even starts. Contact us today to learn more about wisdom teeth removal.

Watch the videos below to learn more about wisdom teeth removal:

Horizontal impaction Wisdom Teeth Horizontal impaction Partial eruption Wisdom Teeth Partial eruption